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Recent presentations

Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN): The Forgotten Healthcare Teaching Resource

Presented on NET 2012 23rd International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference, September 2012, Robinson College, University of Cambridge, UK.

Internationally Educated Nurses


 Dementia - an educational presentation

Dementia - educational presentation

Transitioning to an Electronic Health Record: Optimizing Documentation in Mental Health with Flowsheet Methodology

NLN Conference, Toronto, Canada. March 26, 2015

Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Mental Health

Mental Health and Addiction Education: PPP for educational sessions

Created originally for nursing / ally staff education for St Joseph's Health Center, Toronto, Canada. 2014

MH education 1.1

A step towards cost control in Ontario Health System: How to save 1.5 billion per year.

Capstone project for MSc in New England College, 2010

A step for cost control in the Health System Ontario

Electronic Health Record for Mental Health (2016) - original ideas: what to do and what not to do.

Electronic Health Record Ideas 2016.pdf

- Dynamic representation of abnormalities.
- Different data architectures (what to buy and what not to buy!)
- Look only for the negative dynamic data. There is no need to read all data!
- "Clinical summery" - where all necessary dynamic clinical abnormal information is presented together with its trend.
- "Personal formula for the alarm" about the potential danger.