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What I Do:

I provide advanced training exercises and counselling to improve interpersonal relationship skills. This is done in a closed training and counselling group setting with qualified and experienced facilitators who oversee individual patterns and progress. Each group becomes a 'relationship laboratory' or 'gym for relationship' where participants focus on what is happening 'here and now'. The group provides an opportunity to recreate relationship issues and patterns participants have encountered, or might encounter.

Group participants get honest, constructive feedback from group members in an informal, non-intimidating way, on how to deal with the interpersonal relationship issues they are concerned with.  This interaction gives group members the opportunity to try different ways to resolve their own individual problems. It enables them to learn more about how they have dealt with things in the past and how best to deal with things in the future.

All this is done in a completely safe environment. Whatever is discussed in group sessions is kept completely confidential, within the group.

I bring you as close to real-life situations as possible, and help you through interpersonal situations by working through the facilitator and group members, rather than with personal one-on-one consulting, where such experience and exercise is impossible. Each session ends with a 'self-training' exercise (auto-training) – a technique to master self-relaxation, in different life situations. 

"Man is a knot into which relationships are tied".

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery -

Why It Works:
When participants interact freely with group members, they recreate the concerns that brought them there in the first place. Under the direction, the group gives support, offers alternative solutions, and provides positive reinforcement, in a non-intimidating manner. Concerns are resolved, alternative behaviours and new social techniques are learned. In group training, people discover that they are not the only ones with a particular issue and they are encouraged to work on these issues together. In a climate of trust and comfort in one's group, people become comfortable in caring for, sharing with and helping each other.

Group training is based on four major components:
1.    Many problems are interpersonal in nature.
2.    These basic problems become evident when participant interact in the group.
3.    Focus on ongoing interaction “here and now” in the group, when participants learn about their feelings toward others in the group and exercise relationship skills to understand and control them.
4.    Participants exchange feedback about their participation, exercising the concept of giving and receiving a feedback. 

Training Time Frame:

Group sessions are 90 minutes long and  are held once per week. Sessions begin with short introductions to the exercises for the session, and personal goals are set for each exercise. Then, a 45 minute group exercise is followed by a 15 minute feedback of what has transpired and a 15 minute auto-training exercise. Each course is made up of 12 sessions.

Group Facilitator:

My name is Boris Bard. I have more than 19 years of clinical experience in group and individual training, counselling and therapy in Israel and Canada. I work as an Education Coordinator - Mental Health and Addictions and Crisis Prevention Instructor in St. Joseph's Health Centre Toronto. I graduated from nursing school in Israel, received my Bachelor degree from the University of New England (Maine), a Master's degree from New England College (New Hampshire) and did special one year extensive mental health course in the Rambam Education Center in Israel. I am very familiar with this group format and has managed a similar program at Mount Sinai Hospital for seven years.


Groups are available on English, Russian and Hebrew languages. I plan to introduce Cantonese in the near future.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed".

   - Carl Jung -


I conduct our sessions in different locations around the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact for further details. 


The first session is free. Each subsequent session is $40 (tax incl.). I guarantee your satisfaction, or your money will be returned. You may stop participating after any session and your money will be refunded for that session.  


Group mandate requires complete confidentiality on all matters in our sessions from both staff and participants.


Participants must be 18 years or older.

How To Enrol
Prospective candidates must undergo a screening  process before starting. This involves a personal interview to assess each candidate's needs and make sure a participant can be assigned to an appropriate group. Enrolment can be done by contacting me at : shalva.ca@gmail.com or call us at: 647 403 0705